Medical Weight Loss in Las Vegas from Diet DocThe Vegas Strip and gambling isn’t the only great thing about Sin City. Las Vegas boasts one of the world’s most flourishing restaurant and bar scenes.

But with all of this excess comes the inevitable weight gain, and when you’re ready to break free from the endless cycle of weight gain and weight loss, Diet Doc is here with a medical weight loss diet designed for you, around your individual wants and needs, and more importantly, doctor designed around your personal factors, including age, gender, metabolic activity, and endocrine system.

The result is medical weight loss in Las Vegas unlike ever provided before.

We know you’re busy in Las Vegas, so that’s why we deliver our doctor supervision right to your door. You will never have to attend an embarrassing in-office consultation with a doctor. Not only can this be quite uncomfortable for people, being looked over in a doctor’s office, but it is also expensive and very time-consuming.

With our medical weight loss system, you simply call our toll free hotline and schedule an appointment with one of our licensed doctors to be conducted in the privacy of your own home via Skype or even the telephone.

This approach to medical supervision is called Telehealth, and is changing the paradigm of traditional medical weight loss clinics in Las Vegas, freeing up your time and easing the impact on your wallet.

Our system is less costly than competitors, and proven more effective.

We boast a 97% success rate with our patients.

Don’t gamble on your medical weight loss provider, let Diet Doc help you lose weight and keep it off with our unique and successful medical weight loss system, delivered right to your door.

Our licensed doctor can evaluate your individual needs, assessing your metabolism, dietary needs, and much more, from the convenience of your own home.

During your consultation, our doctor can also prescribe any of the proprietary weight loss aids developed by our medical staff for optimal effectiveness. Each prescription is formulated by one of our expert doctors, specially trained in the science of effective and healthy weight loss, and delivered directly to your home or office.

Our medical weight loss aids are specially designed to work optimally with your body to transform your sluggish metabolism into a fat burning machine!

Diet Doc’s medical weight loss in Las Vegas allows you to consult with our physician to determine which prescription diet aids will best accelerate weight loss for your individual goals and body. We can also prescribe weight loss aids that help to stave off hunger, balance your metabolism, and accelerate the body’s ability to lose weight.

Once you choose a plan, we deliver all materials directly to your door, making medical weight loss truly accessible to Las Vegas, Nevada like never before. You can begin losing weight as soon as you receive your package. We’ll send you a detailed Diet Doc workbook to read, and we always make staff available to you for questions and concerns.

Only Diet Doc provides unlimited consultations with our weight loss doctor, so you’ll always have a trusted resource at your fingertips.

Give us a try, call today and experience medical weight loss the Diet Doc way.