Custom Hair Loss Treatment – Minoxidil / Progesterone (Women)

Minoxidil is a vasodilator, which means that it makes the blood vessels widen
in order to create a more expansive blood flow. In turn, this may expand hair
follicles that have shrunk in the presence of DHT, which can allow for
improved hair density and bolstering of thinning hair.

Additionally, increased blood flow at the hair roots can help with overall circulation, improving scalp
health and leading to fuller hair.

Another way in which minoxidil may work to treat hair loss, including
hereditary hair loss, is that it is theorized to increase a specific enzyme called
ATP is found within the hair follicle. This is thought to extend the anagen or
growth phase of the hair growth cycles.

PLUS PERSONALIZED WITH PROGESTERONE  can help keep your hair in the growing
(anagen) phase. Therefore, these hormones can help your hair stay on
your head longer and may even help your hair grow faster.

Custom Hair Loss Treatment – Minoxidil / Progesterone (Women)



NOT Available in Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Wisconsin and Alaska

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* This product is not for pregnant women.


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