Meet Rachel G!

Your Care Coordinator.

Thank you for considering me as your Weight Loss Coach, and I’m looking forward to helping you reach your weight loss goals! Having personally experienced our medically prescribed products, I know I can customize the best package aligned with your health and well-being objectives.

I have a strong understanding of support groups, and know that you will not be alone in your weight loss journey. My strength as your Coach lies from a deep understanding of the protocols and discipline needed to achieve the results you are driving towards. Through my personal learning experience, I recognize that weight loss maintenance is also part of the equation. Not only will we partner on immediate results, but our focus will also be on the long-term.

Please know that I am here for you throughout your whole journey! I’ll be your number one point of contact and that’s helpful because I’m available 6 days out of the week and you can count on me as part of your support structure for success!

  • As an actual patient, I know what you will experience. Through the program, I lost 30lbs in 2 months, but results do vary based on program an individual.
  • My interests are in helping people achieve a better quality of life, optimal health, and well-being.
  • My passion is my son and providing him with everything he needs to become the next Bill Gates.
  • I’ve been the main moderator on one of our popular Diet Support Groups and helped thousands of people on their weight loss journey!

You may be looking into medical weight loss for the first time, and have uncertainties or questions on the program. At your convenience, Call/Text me at (442) 777-3197 or reply to rachel@dietdoc.com. Together we will review your weight loss goals, and develop a medically suggested program that will be review by an M.D. for approval. You took the first step to weight loss be reaching out, now together let’s partner to overcome your barriers to losing weight.