Meet Gian!

Your Care Coordinator.

Hi my name is Gian. As your Care Coordinator, I am here to motivate you! I will support you with lifestyle changes and your weight loss journey. Together we will pick the right path of medical weight loss with our specialized Physicians. I will refer you to our Health Coach for diet and nutrition along with an exercise program all custom built for you. I want to celebrate with you! I understand it is difficult to lose weight. Let’s get you looking good, feeling better, sleeping better, and fitting in that size you want to be.  We will reach the finish line together because my goal is YOU! Creating a happier healthier life for years to come. Weight loss is not only my specialty. I can offer you many other lines of products including anti- aging, hormonal balancing, hair loss products and that is just a few! I am compassionate about your goals, I look forward to your success story!


Email: gian@dietdoc.com